Bikes For Small Women

bikes for small women

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bikes for small women - Women's Padded

Women's Padded Classic Bike Shorts Black Small

Women's Padded Classic Bike Shorts Black Small

A classic padded bike short from Aero Tech Designs. The Classic Short is the ideal short for the cyclist who wants excellent comfort and performance during your ride. Sewn from premium quality, four-way stretch tricot fabric, the Classic Short moves fluidly with the your body while in the cycling motion. This short has a smooth, two-panel construction and a seamless pad that reduces the opportunity for abrasion and saddle sores. For your comfort, these shorts do not have leg grippers but they will stay in place because they are made from the highest quality fabric. The Classic Shorts utlize muscle compression to add comfort on longer rides and reward your hard work on the bike while the cross-grain cutting technique used to construct the shorts maximizes the stretch performance of spandex fabric. Our fabric is four-way, 7 1/2 oz, nylon/lycra, tricot knit - THE BEST! Coverstitched and tacked soft elastic is used for the waistband for added durability and comfort and the crotch padding is multi-layered with padding in the places it is needed most - Perfecto. The pad's surface is a smooth, coolmax microfiber that is laminated to foam and tricot. It is also antibacterial and stays dry longer to inhibit the growth of bacteria. You want Comfort on the bicycle, and that's what these shorts deliver.

78% (19)

Parked at Jansel Square

Parked at Jansel Square

Two solid English bikes used for utility riding. One is my Brompton, the other is an Elswick used by a local lady. I've known of
her bike for many years. It's a 1970's Elswick. I remember these from my days working in a cycle shop in the early 80's. I'm racking my brain for memories an I think I serviced this Elswick al those years ago. I got to know and still remember some of the regular customers bikes. We used to sell Elswicks, they were popular. They were cheapewr than Raleighs wich we also sold. Women liked them, the Raleigh Cameo was the stylish favourite and lots of women bought them or were bought them by their husbands. I remember the women being very pleased with the Raleigh Cameos, they were nicely built machines and were a doddle to set up in the shop, Raleigh quality was very good. I liked to see the Raleigh lorry delivering as I knew my job would be pleasant with these nice clean well set up Raleighs.

We stocked other brands including the Elswicks which were cheaper. They were popular with women with less to spend. These Elswicks neded some cold setting of frame ends and forks. The alignment was usually a bit off, but I was fussy and wouldn't let a substandard bike out of the shop. When set up properly these Elswicks were good to ride and durable. This one looks mostly original and in good order. I expect my Brompton will last as well.

Peugeot Mixte

Peugeot Mixte

I had the pleasure of working on this gorgeous little Peugeot Mixte this week. All pretty original, except we had to swap out the tires, tubes, and cables. Luckily the Helicomatic was in good shape!

This bike seems a bit odd in geometry, when I rode it it was obviously too small for me - a 50cm frame size, but the effective top tube seems quite long actually. Even with the riser-style bars I was quite stretched out on it, and it gave a good position. This could be more upright for a smaller woman with some swept-back bars, but I don't think I'd put drop bars on it.

bikes for small women

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