Boys Bikes 12 Inch

boys bikes 12 inch

    12 inch
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SDCC 12-inch New Figures

SDCC 12-inch New Figures

For those who may not have seen them, was the only site I frequent that announced new 12-inch movie figures at SDCC. Here's a collage I made of the pics. There's Destro, Hawk, Reactive Armor Duke (wow, never saw that one coming) & Heavy Duty. There was also a pic taken during set-up of a Wal-mart exclusive 12-inch Snake-eyes with a motorcycle. This is the only pic I've found of that. Notice that SE does NOT have the movie head, but the latest goggle/gimp SE Head. Perhaps it got pulled before official opening.
I think Hawk looks great, the headsculpt looks exactly like Dennis Quaid. Destro looks good too. Heavy Duty's head looks a little big. And, big suprise, that awful Duke head is stuck on the same Ripcord armor body. I'm glad I didn't pick up the Duke in tan sweater and ghetto hat.

Duke 12-inch Figure - Yo Joe!

Duke 12-inch Figure - Yo Joe!

uke is well versed in modern combat, as well as all weapons and tactics of the modern battlefield. His understanding of combat and strategy, as well as proper leadership, commands great respect from his GI Joe comrades. Wading into the battle with the battle cry of "Yo Joe!", Duke is the tip of the spear against the threat of COBRA, and will not stop until the fight is won.

Sideshow is proud to present the Duke 12-inch Figure!

boys bikes 12 inch

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